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Electric Rates

energy audits

Energy Audit Service Available

The City of Rock Falls Electric Department has partnered with Home Energy Calculator to provide homes an energy audit service, free of charge. Please click on the icon to begin your free Home Energy Audit.


Electric Bill Descriptions

Electric Usage – The amount of Kilowatt-hours used during the billing period.

Distribution Charge – The cost of distributing power through the utility system.

Capital Cost Recovery – Rate of return on investment paid to the General Fund of the City.

Purchase Power Adjustment – A credit or charge that reflects the changing cost for generation and delivery above or below our base cost.

Electric Customer Charge – This charge provides the funds for the operation of a Customer Service Office.

Electric Excise Tax – This charge is mandated for all electric customers in the State of Illinois and is sent to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Electric Rates

Residential Rate
ChargeBeginning 5-1-2014
Monthly Charge (MC)$7.60
Power Supply (PS)$0.0646
Distribution Cost (DC)$0.0239


See Ordinance: Sec. 15-314. – Monthly rates- Rate R (residential).

Commercial Rates
ChargeBeginning 5-1-2014
Monthly Charge (MC)$15.35
Power Supply (PS)$0.0764
Distribution Cost (DC)$0.0282

See Ordinance: Sec. 15-339. – Monthly rates—Rate C (commercial).

General Service Rate
ChargeBeginning 5-1-2014
Monthly Charge (MC)$37.58


The following table represents the components of the Demand Charge (DE)


ChargeBeginning 5-1-2014
Power Supply Demand (DSE)$9.22
Distribution Cost Demand (DDC)$4.7498
Municipal or Governmental General Service Rate Rate-GS
ChargeBeginning 5-1-2014
Monthly Charge (MC)$38.75


The following table represents the components of the Demand Charge (DE)


ChargeBeginning 5-1-2014
Power Supply Demand (DSE)$9.47
Distribution Cost Demand (DDC)$4.879

Tree Trimming

The City of Rock Falls tree trimming methods and polices.

Method of Trimming: The department uses the lateral or natural tree trimming methods. In this method, limbs are removed at their nearest main branch, and not trimmed in length. The Department will not “top” a tree unless it is absolutely necessary. The Department will not “round” trees.

Lateral tree trimming has been endorsed by experts, including the Arbor Day Foundation, as the best method to trim trees. Although the appearance of the tree can be unusual after the initial trim, the appearance quickly improves with time and growing seasons.

Clearance Distances: The department trims all trees to a minimum of nine feet from  the primary (top) conductors. Trees that overhang the system are trimmed as the worker can reach with the equipment on site.

Tree Removal: If a tree is obviously diseased, dying or dead and is on public property, the department will remove the tree. If the tree is on private property the property owner will have the tree remove at his expense.

Trimming Trees on Private Property: There are two conditions where the department will trim a tree that is located on private property.

  • If the tree violates the nine-foot clearance, the department will trim to that clearance. It is not possible to notify property owners of this action.
  • If a property owner has a tree that is dangerously close to the power lines, the department will aid in the removal and/or trimming of that tree. this is done for safety reasons. Persons in this situation should contact the department for specific guidance.

Limbs on Service Drops: The department does not maintain clearance on limbs on or over the service drop on private property. The property owner is responsible for the trees on his property. At the owners request, the department will remove a service drop to allow an owner to trim or remove a tree adjacent to it. This service is provided during business hours only at no charge. Please contact the department for further information.

Topping or Tipping: The department will not top, tip or round a tree, these techniques in our view lead to many cut between nodes, encouragement of many sprouts, and cause for more trimming later on.